Authors, since we are just getting started we have an AMAZING deal for you! We will promote your book, audiobook, or movie on our site and to our small but growing email list, and the only cost is that we ask you to mention our site to your newsletter, OR promote us to at least 20 social media spots. (Each post on Twitter counts as one, each group you post to on Facebook counts as one, each Instagram post counts as one, etc.) That’s it!

This is a highly targeted site that appeals to readers, listeners, and viewers of uplifting, clean, Christian, and family entertainment. If that’s your type of offering, please feel free to share it with us!

Our subscribers are not interested in reading or listening to books or watching movies that contain sex scenes, cursing, graphic violence, dark arts, etc. So please save yourself and us some time, and don’t submit those types of stories. Such stories will not be accepted for promotion.

Please give us at least 2 weeks notice to post your book.

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