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Here at 1531 Entertainment our passion is in helping you find uplifting and encouraging books, audiobooks, and movies. When you sign up for our newsletter you will receive notice of offerings a few times a week. We focus on books and movies that cost less than $5.00. (Though once in a rare while, if a book is brand new, it might cost a little more. And audiobooks cost a little more because they are so expensive for artists to produce.) So for the price of a cup of coffee you could be reading your next favorite book or watching a great movie!

Best of all? We only share offerings that are clean, encouraging, and uplifting, so you don’t have to worry about filtering through them! You can choose from Christian Fiction, Clean Fiction, or Nonfiction categories.

For the purposes of this site, Christian Fiction is defined as a story written from a solidly Biblical worldview. The characters are in some way transformed, strengthened, or renewed by a Biblical truth. These stories direct people to a relationship with God and the spiritual arc of the story is integral to the plot.

Clean Fiction is defined as a story that does not contain gratuitous violence, sexual situations, glorified abuse of any kind, or extensive/strong cursing. Clean fiction may have a few mild swear words scattered throughout. Biblical principles may be mentioned in passing, but are not integral to the plot.

Our Nonfiction offerings are also carefully curated for content that is wholesome, comes from a Biblical worldview (even if it isn’t necessarily a “Christian” book), and that is encouraging.

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