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Are you tired of spending almost as much time looking for good clean entertainment as you do watching, reading, or listening to it? Tired of getting five minutes into a show or book and then realizing you won’t be able to finish this one? Tired of worrying if your kids are going to be exposed to something inappropriate in their entertainment? Then we are your solution!

Here at 1531 Entertainment, we search out clean and encouraging reads, movies, and audio books, and send them directly to your inbox. Some of the content we offer will be on sale, yes, but we also believe that content creators deserve to be paid for their creative work, so we give artists the option of sharing their creations with you at the regular price.

You are never required to purchase. And who knows, maybe you’ll discover your next favorite author, director, or narrator!

We invite you to subscribe today. You can do so in the right-hand sidebar. Just select every category you are interested in, then sit back and wait for the emails. No more need to wade through tons of inappropriate content!

We can’t wait to share our finds with you!

The 1531 Entertainment Crew.

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