Happy Easter!  Coloring Book by Lia Manea

Happy Easter! Coloring Book by Lia Manea


This cute coloring book makes for a great Easter gift idea for children aged 4-8.
Great indoor activity for kids. The beautiful designs will keep their little hands busy. Hours of fun! Sparks children’s imagination with Easter and Spring themes: Easter bunny, Easter eggs, spring flowers, butterflies, chickens, lambs, sheep, mushroom house, vegetal elements, a flower mandala and a surprise for mom. The designs are both playful and educational: sparks children’s imagination, great for hand and eye coordination, learn the skill of patience, feel comfortable while creating a piece of art, sense of accomplishment when finishing a coloring page. – Printed on one side of the paper- High Resolution- Fun and Relaxing- Great for both boys and girls- Illustrations are on one side only so you can tear them out to frame and keep- The best Easter basket stuffer for kids. Say ‘Happy Easter!’ to your kids, nieces or nephews with this fun coloring book!

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A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon

A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon


“What we have here is a bad case of stripes. One of the worst I’ve ever seen!”

Camilla Cream loves lima beans, but she never eats them. Why? Because the other kids in her school don’t like them. And Camilla Cream is very, very worried about what other people think of her. In fact, she’s so worried that she’s about to break out in…a bad case of stripes!

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Clean and Christian Offerings for Kids!

Clean and Christian Offerings for Kids!


Kondi’s Quest

by Sylvia Stewart

All she longs for is her father’s love.

Kondi, a 12-year-old Malawian girl, is sure her father, Bambo, doesn’t love her. He seems to care more about the secret brown envelope he carries with him everywhere than his own daughter. She’s convinced things will improve, though, when her mother’s baby arrives.

Then one night Bambo beats Mai in a drunken rage, and neighbors rush her off to the hospital.

Will Mai and the baby live? Will Kondi be sold off by her uncle Kakama to a rich man to be his third wife? And what could possibly be in Bambo’s brown envelope?

The secrets are about to be revealed.

A beautiful coming-of-age story-of love, betrayal, and forgiveness- that you won’t soon forget.

99 Cents

Buzzle Billy

Michael P. Waite

When Buzzle Billy stops sharing, Gimme Hands pop out of his sides and no one wants to play with him anymore.

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Sophie’s Quest

by Sonja Anderson

Sophie Topfeather loves to collect people-things with which to decorate her life and home. 

When she finds a golden necklace, she is intrigued by its shape and shows it to her grandfather, the Great Wise Horned Owl of the Park. His reaction only stirs her interest even more; he calls it a holy symbol, and then a ‘t’ for ‘trouble’! All of which sets our young owl off on a Quest to learn its true meaning. 


The Lost Books Visual Edition

by Ted Dekker

“[A] full-force clash between good and evil. A tornado of action and strategem…will leave you knowing for certain you are not in Kansas anymore.”–TheSuspenseZone.com (for Infidel)

The Circle universe made popular by Ted Dekker in his New York Times best-selling series (Black, Red, White, and Green) is brought back to vivid life–this time from the vantage point of four teens. And never have the stakes for survival and destruction been so high.

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Featuring: Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, & Jacob Tremblay

An inspiring story of a loving family whose son, born with facial differences, enters a mainstream school for the first time.

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