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Spider Gap Audiobook by Kristen Joy Wilks

Lilly, a first-year school teacher, is roped into chaperoning a backpacking trip over the Spider Gap glacier.
Unfortunately, she cannot find a sitter for her purse-dog and must smuggle him along on the trip. All her friskiest sixth grade students are participating, as well as a handsome ski instructor who resists her efforts to organize their trip in a mathematically pleasing manner. Can Lilly evoke a thirst for learning within her skeptical students, when she herself can barely survive the rigors of the trail?

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War Room from TriStar Pictures and the Kendrick Brothers

From the creators of Fireproof and Courageous comes WAR ROOM, a compelling drama with humor and heart that explores the power that prayer can have on every area of our lives.

Don’t let the serious subject matter dissuade you from checking this one out. It has humor, romance, and sass. We loved it!

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The Cupcake Dilemma by Jennifer Rodewald

She’s new to the small town of Rock Creek, a first-year teacher, and a self-proclaimed kitchen failure. He runs the town’s bakery and seems to know everyone. When a cupcake emergency turns into a dare, what could possibly go wrong?

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Yellowstone Yondering by Kristen Joy Wilks

When a free-spirited wildlife photographer loses her Scottish terrier in a herd of bison, she sets out to rescue her furbaby before he is devoured. But will she succeed when Yellowstone National Park is chock full of boiling, bubbling, and rampaging hazards (both mammalian and geographical) — not to mention a rule-obsessed park ranger whose many rescues thwart her efforts to find her poor pup?

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A Love For Larkspur by Kelsey Kilgore

By Kelsey Kilgore–A delightful new voice for lovers of chic-lit and romance… Would you let your mother take the reins of your dating life? Lark-a twentysomething, strawberry-blond, freckle-faced Texan-has had enough of dating geeky, weird guys. So when her sociable mama suggests she pre-screen some guys for Lark to date, Lark’s just desperate enough to say yes. After all, with her three low-level jobs and the classes she’s taking, she’s not likely to snag The Someone anytime soon. But with her mama’s Man Getting Project, she might just have a chance. When Brant Stephens, her old classmate who lives down the street, tells her she resembles a sick cat, she chalks it up to him being the most boring, mean, and predictable man on earth. He’s got more degrees than she can remember, more annoying personality flaws than she can count, and all the gorgeous, shallow dates he could ever need. So why does he feel led to insult her every chance he gets? And what’s with all the eccentric flamingos popping up around town? Sometimes life looks just a little gray. until the brilliance of popsicle orange peeks around the corner.

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