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My Journey to Enjoying My Life, Nonfiction True Stories, by Karin Thompson

What if I told you you could be free from your past, no matter how bad it was?

Join Karin on a journey of self-discovery. Using her life experience, she illustrates how no situation is beyond God’s love and healing. Healing takes a lifetime to perfect. If your faith is wavering, or you’re having doubts, Karin’s experiences help put things in perspective. The book is beautifully laid out with personal stories, Bible verses, prayers and Q&As in the form of a study guide.

Whom do you trust when you doubt yourself? Who do you look to when your parents don’t care enough? How do you thrive in life when the odds are stacked against you?

This book will show you how the Holy Spirit can remove the stones which have clogged your wells of living water. If you need a silver lining in the dark cloud you’re in, Karin’s words will provide more than one.

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