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Dial R for Rodeo, Christian Contemporary Romance, by Heather Blanton

If he loses the town, he loses her…

Emma Jane Ross, determined to save her family’s tiny FM station in Why Me, WY, thinks she’s struck gold when she manages to hire famous DJ Bobby Ringo.

She’s disillusioned almost immediately. There’s no way the grungy, boozing, city boy is going to mesh with the folks in Why Me. But to everyone’s surprise, Bobby and the town of quirky characters slowly develop a sincere affection for each other. Why, even he and the prickly Emma Jane flirt with a growing attraction.

When Bobby puts his foot in his mouth, though, will Why Me be able to forgive him for shattering its trust? More importantly, Will Emma Jane?

The only way to win her heart will be to win back the town’s first…

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