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The Gift, Christian Contemporary Romance, by Anne Perreault

God opens doors, but it’s up to us to walk through them.

Dakota Taylor is stuck in a rut. Her dead-end job as a manager of a pizza place is unchallenging, she gets dumped by her obnoxious boyfriend and feels completely unloved by her family. That all changes in an instant when God steps into her life.

On the way home from a late shift, Dakota finds herself in a terrifying situation. Thankfully, two Boston police officers out on patrol come to her rescue and see her home safely. Dakota is certain that their paths will never cross again. She couldn’t be more wrong.

Shane Donavan likes his job as a Boston police officer. He’s thrown for a loop when he’s assigned to train a rookie but soon begins to appreciate his new partner’s sharp intellect and wit, especially when Shane finds himself staring at the wrong end of the barrel.

As a friendship develops between Dakota and Shane, Dakota accepts his invitation to participate in a weekend scavenger hunt. Shane quickly discovers that stakes are higher than merely lounging by the pool or fishing by the lake.

Will God turn this opportunity into something that will change Dakota and Shane’s lives forever?

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