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And He Healed Them All, Christian Historical Fiction, by Jeffrey McClain Jones

A journey through time to the most miraculous days in the life of Jesus.

When James Wolfer visits his old friend, Walter, in a nursing home, he expects to find his former professor as depressed as the last time he saw him. And he hopes to talk to Jillian Moore, the attractive psychiatrist, about Walter’s condition.

Instead of a dour Walter mourning the disabilities left him by a recent stroke, James finds his friend excited about a compelling dream from the previous night. In that dream, and many dreams that follow, Walter sees a day in the life of Jesus—a day in which a great multitude came to him, with a whole range of physical and spiritual ailments, and he healed them all.

For Walter, this generates a new will to live. For Walter and his listeners, the dreams reveal the unbounded grace and mercy of God, reflecting the heart of a heavenly Father at work through his Son. That revelation drags James out of his self-sufficient life, separated from the church and faith of his childhood. With Walter and Jillian by his side, he navigates the meaning of the dreams as well as the condition of his soul.

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