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To A Brighter Tomorrow, Christian Historical Romance, by Kari Trumbo

He wants to love her, but his family—and the world—tell him he’s not allowed.

Josie Littlebear is accustomed to sidelong glances and vicious taunts. No matter how good she is at what she does, nor how she keeps to herself, their animosity follows her. After saving the life of a town favorite, Josie finds her heart entangled where it has no business. When the man she saved finds himself in a land battle, will she be forced to choose a side?

Rancher Gideon Johlman is smitten, hard, though he knows he needs to keep a firm rein on his feelings. Despite talking to his father and trying to convince him of Josie’s loyalty, Pa is distracted, and his answer is a firm no. Refusing to give up on the woman who saved his life, he meets with her in secret. But when Josie is threatened multiple times, Gideon’s secret love for the forbidden woman has to come out or Josie could die.

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