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Dial D for Daring, Christian Contemporary Romance, by Elaine Manders

A sweet Christian contemporary romance set in a small town near romantic Savannah, Georgia.

Rylee Wells has been unable to socialize since a bullying incident in middle school. Now that she’s secured a promising banking job and moved into her grandmother’s restored country house, she longs for a husband and family. Shawn Davidson, a man in her Sunday School class, has captured her interest, but she’s too shy to approach him. While listening to the Ask Reba, a call-in radio program on her favorite station, WLVV, out of Savannah, she dares to call in, identifying herself as Country Girl.
Reba, the radio’s host, recommends that Rylee hang back after class and ask Shawn a question about the lesson. Rylee follows Reba’s advice, but Hunter Jenson, Shawn’s friend, interjects himself into the discussion and asks Rylee out. Hunter has been listening to the Ask Reba program and suspects Rylee is Country Girl. This misunderstanding leads to a comedy of errors that frustrates Rylee.
Will Shawn notice that Rylee is really interested in a relationship with him, and will she leave him when she learns the dark secrets of his past?

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