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After We Say Goodbye, Christian Contemporary Romance, by Tammy L Gray

Caroline Crawford has spent the last five months rebuilding her life in Bentwood, Texas.

Surrounded by a group of unexpected friends and potential new love she can’t seem to walk away from, Caroline starts to believe she may have truly escaped the man who’s terrorized her for years. That is until small, inexplicable things have Caroline questioning her own sanity.

Beckham Kinder has spent a lifetime being judged by his last name and family’s wealth, and while it’s brought great advantages, he wants nothing more than to stand on his own in business and in his personal life. When a new business partner gives him an opportunity to strike out on his own without his family ties, Beckham jumps at the chance. For the first time in his adult life, he sees a wide open future, not just with this venture, but with the woman he has secretly adored since childhood.

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