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Grace Like a River Flows, Christian Women’s Fiction, by R. Marshall Wright

Grace Like a River Flows is Christian fiction. Glencoe, by another name, is real and I pastored there for five years. Many characters are based on real people I knew. But the great story? It’s all made up. Well, almost.

”The tracks have separated this town for a hundred years, but one day God’s grace began flowing like River. And, like a mighty, raging river, you can’t control it and you can’t stop it. God’s grace goes where He wants. Grace Like a River Flows is about very flawed people who live on both sides of the tracks which run through Glencoe. Lives are changed. Families are transformed. And an old mainline church is renewed. Come meet the cast of characters who will be touched by God. Charlotte (featured on the cover) has seen the tracks. Will God’s grace touch her life? Look for the surprise ending! You’ll never see it coming.

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