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The Choice, Clean Amish Romance, by Grace Lewis

Baptized into the Amish faith, Emma finds her heart divided between family, community and forbidden love for an Englischer man.

Emma King is a respectful and hard-working Amish girl. It is no wonder that she has caught the eye of Luke Yoder, one of the most upstanding men in the Amish community.
Her sister Rachel, by comparison, is reckless and foolish; she risks bringing the family shame. Yet all of this is nothing compared to the Amish community’s censure of her father, Samuel King, a man with an obsession.
But Emma has secrets of her own: mistrust of Luke Yoder, and a growing attraction to a stranger… an Englischer man. Facing the accusations of her community, and the disquiet of her own heart, Emma King must make a choice that might devastate her happy Amish life.
Will she follow her heart, or surrender herself to the will of Gott?

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