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God is Waiting for You in a Quiet Place of Praise, Nonfiction Devotional, by Dione Grace & Traci Wooden-Carlisle

Life can be hectic and filled with distractions, and we can sometimes find it impossible to take time out with God.

This devotional is a 31-day reflection, focusing on God’s attributes to encourage you throughout the month. It is our desire to provoke a hunger in you to renew a relationship with God while contemplating and meditating on Him.
The power of God’s names brings protection, healing, and a greater knowledge of who God is.
Each day includes a Bible verse and a reflection meant to usher you into a conversation with God that will give you a deeper understanding of Him and bring you into a more intimate connection with Him.
Each day of the month will be a moment set apart, to evoke His presence and bring about peace.
This powerful devotional will draw you closer to God and He, in turn, will draw closer to you.

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