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Commitment, Christian Mystery/Thriller, by Jeff Bennett

Marta is a survivor. I mean her husband was mysteriously killed during brutal attack on the village where they served as missionaries.
Instead of going home, she stays in Indonesia, throwing herself into her work. She is focused and doesn’t tolerate slackers very well. She is just getting it together, then comes John.
The hot shot fly boy is less than grounded and his attitude is as reckless as his piloting. Reluctantly, she knows she has to work with him. In spite of their differences, she feels like she is beginning to like him; just a little.
Before she figures her feelings out another villager is mysteriously murdered. Once again she finds herself in danger. Soon she is abducted and carried deeper into the jungle. Her only hope is the self absorbed pilot and she begins to wonder if she will make it out of this one alive.

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