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Hosea and Gomer’s Amish Secret, Amish Christian Romance, by Ashley Emma

Gomer is not your typical Amish woman.
On the outside, Gomer seems like a lovely, sweet, young Amish woman, but she’s hiding a scandalous secret.

Gomer was created to sing. Most of all, she loves to sing on stage for the audience–she loves the applause, the lights, and the performance–but her Amish community forbids it.

So, she sneaks out at night to sing in downtown bars, lying to her entire community while leading a double life.

Hosea hears from God in a dream, telling him to marry Gomer despite her sins. Gomer promises to stop sneaking out once they are married, and Hosea wants to believe her because he loves her. Even though Gomer’s brother and Hosea’s parents advise him against it, Hosea marries Gomer.

When Gomer breaks her promise and continues to sing in bars even after the birth of their second child, their family begins to crumble, but Hosea’s steadfast love for Gomer holds true.

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