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The Keeper of Her Heart, Christian Women’s Fiction, by Stacy Henrie

She’ll defy society to choose a life of her own making.

Despite her wealthy upbringing in Yorkshire, Ada Thorne is determined to make her own choices, especially when it comes to love. After falling for a handsome, humble gamekeeper, she gives up everything familiar to marry him and begin a new life in London.

However, learning how to keep house and cook meals aren’t the only things Ada needs to master. In the wake of her parents’ continual rejection and the country on the brink of the First World War, Ada has to decide if she will choose compassion over bitterness, and faith over fear.

When the war’s sorrows take a personal turn, Ada must determine the depth of her own strength and her trust in Someone greater. Only then will she have the courage to move forward and embrace the future with a hopeful heart.

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