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The Teacher Who Saved Christmas, Christian Western Romance, by Aurora Hanson

Despite having grown up in an orphanage without a family of her own, Delia Page leads a cheerful and fulfilling life. Her desire to give the children the same love she once received as an orphan shines through her work as a teacher.
In an instant though, her life turns upside down when a seemingly simple school trip turns into a harrowing ordeal on Christmas Day. The moment one of the children disappears, she is forced to rely on the sheriff for help as her desperate search begins…
If only she knew this encounter would also make her heart flutter for the first time…
Virgil Cooper is excited about the prospect of retiring from his role as sheriff, eager to put a life of violence and hardship behind him. Even though love has never been on the cards for him, he doesn’t want to be alone any longer. Yet when the mayor asks him to go on one last mission in search of a lost child, he finds it impossible to refuse. Little does he know he is about to cross paths with the most beautiful and kind woman he has ever known…
When the chance comes, will Coop be brave enough to follow his heart and voice his feelings?
A perfect Christmas seems to be falling apart, but Delia and Coop are determined to untangle the mystery together. The puzzle pieces will slowly start to fall into place, revealing the truth about the child and maybe even about themselves. Will they be able to find the missing boy? At the end of the day, could they also find true love along the way?

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