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Romance Under Wraps, Christian Contemporary Romance, by Claire O’Sullivan

What could possibly go wrong when an identity thief (without a real one) crosses paths with a homicide detective over a mysterious murder and a coverup? His hands are tied. Hers are not.

Catherine Cade is in a world of hurt when Rick Calhoun catches her red-handed. Prison? His own illegal perks? Some kind of weird romance (like… never!!) Is he involved in corruption and plans to kill her??? How is she supposed to transition from nurse practitioner (way too audacious!) to small town baker with him on her trail?

Rick Calhoun has plans all right. 1. put her to work? 2. keep her out of trouble? 3. get her to walk the straight and narrow? 4. bring her to the Lord? 5. and maybe, just maybe, win her heart.

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