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Perilous Journey, Clean Action Adventure, by Paulette D. Marshall

Join me in this story of a woman who accidentally travels through time. See what lies ahead for her and the danger that surrounds her. Does she stay in 1875 or does she go back to 2021?
Sabrina awoke with a jerk. She noticed lightening and heard tumultuous thunder. She picked up an old clock that mysteriously appeared at her door. It was a beautifully carved clock that did not seem to work. She looked out at the storm that seemed to be getting closer. She feels drawn to the clock. She picks up the clock and hears it tick once. She feels like she is part of the storm that was now raging around her.

She suddenly awakes on a beach. She looks around to see if she recognizes where she is at. As she is looking around, she notices a man walking toward her wearing what seems to be a costume from 1875. She is confused. Where is she? How did she get there? She will soon discover she is not in the year 2021 anymore.

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