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From the White House to the Amish, Nonfiction True Story, by Katrina Hoover Lee

Soon, Tom thought as he hurried to the hospital, I’ll know if there is a God. And if He cares.
When they graduated in 1952, Thomas Kirkman and his high school classmates made daringpredictions about their future, including a trip to the moon. Though Tom never made it to themoon, his journey through life took him to places just as unique. But not even the prestige of working in the White House and the CIA could take away Tom’sdisillusionment and despair when he loses the most important person in his life. Convinced thatGod did not care, Tom buried himself in his work and turned his back on God. Did He evenexist?Then, through an unexpected voice and an unpretentious Amish man, Tom Kirkman’s life wasforever changed.This work of biographical fiction echoes the true story of Thomas E. Kirkman—White Houseartist, CIA spy, inventor, and Amish man (1934-2018).

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