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Drums of Change, Historical Romance by Janette Oke

An Indian girl is forced to go to a reservation with her people where she is confused by the white people’s culture and their God.
In mid-19th-century Alberta, young Running Fawn’s world of beauty and serenity is disrupted by the violence of white settlers stealing Blackfoot lands and by the increasing harshness of life on assigned reservations. Although Running Fawn slowly resigns herself to life on the reservation, she struggles fiercely with the strange beliefs of the Christian missionary who has come to live and teach among her tribe. Because of the strength of Running Fawn’s convictions about the corrupt nature of the settlers and Christianity, her final conversion rings false. Still, Oke combines the panorama of Alberta’s history with the typical, gentle simplicity of her storytelling to fashion a tale that will be popular among her many fans.

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