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Cowboy Cuddles For A One Arm Bride – Joanna, A Clean Western Historical Romance, by Hope Sinclair

Cowboy Cuddles For A One Arm Bride is a Clean Western Historical Romance about the mail order brides matches by the Lexington Mail Order Agency in New York.
Joanna Hunter has been organizing successful mail order matches for several years. Alone, now that her assistant Ada has found a match out West; she decides to take a leap of faith and find a match for herself. She is hoping her new husband will appreciate her for herself, despite only having one arm.

Bernard Hayward is a widowed cowboy, with a young son and an infant baby. His wife was a strumpet who ran off with another man. He has had enough of women, but his sister-in-law convinces him his boys need a mother and fast. He agrees to the arranged marriage, set on having a marriage by convenience only. After all, his new bride is cripple with only one arm.

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