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The Dragon King Collection by Stephen Lawhead

The Dragon King finds that faith in the Most High, safety of family, and the love and loyalty of old friends and new are the most important things of all.

In the Hall of the Dragon King
Carrying a sealed message from the war-hero Dragon King to the queen, Quentin and his outlaw companion, Theido, plunge headlong into a fantastic odyssey and mystic quest. In his valiant efforts to save the kingdom and fulfill his unique destiny, he will cross strange and wondrous lands filled with brave knights, beautiful maidens, a mysterious hermit, and a deadly, giant serpent.
The Warlords of Nin
It has been ten years since Quentin helped the Dragon King battle the monstrous sorcerer Nimrood.  Since then, there has been peace in the land of Mensandor.  But everything changes when an urgent message summons Quentin to the dying king. The brightening Wolf Star is an omen of impending evil that might just herald the beginning of the end of mankind. 
The Sword and the Flame

The Dragon King who now rules the land of Mensandor is none other than Quentin, whose courage and heroism have slowly transformed him from an orphaned servant into a war hero, respected leader, and a fierce man of faith. Shattered by the death of a dear and trusted friend, the abduction of his beloved son, and the loss of his enchanted sword, Quentin finds his faith tested like never before.

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