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Remarkable Advent by Shauna Letellier

Rediscover the wonder of the first Christmas in this Advent devotional.

Do you want to experience the Christmas story in a new way?

What if we peered through history’s frosted window and felt astonished by Jesus’ birth once again? In Remarkable Advent, Shauna Letellier drapes the fabric of imagination over the framework of Scripture, bringing the Christmas story to life through twenty-five devotional readings.
To retrace the story of Jesus’ birth, each devotional includes:
A daily plan for Advent Scripture reading.
Captivating storytelling that will engage the whole family.
Relevant reflections that connect Jesus’ birth to your extraordinary place in his family.
Guided prayer to help you focus on the wonder of Christ.
With breathtaking imagery and a fresh take on Scripture, this Christmas devotional will prepare your heart to celebrate God’s greatest gift.

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