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Ask For Your Miracle by Nancy Ann Johnson

“If I surrender myself to Jesus, would He be able to save my life?”
This is the profound question that I asked myself when I was in the depths of despair, having tried everything, with nothing left, and not in control of my own life anymore.
With nothing to go on except faith, I received Jesus into my heart as my Savior, and was born again into a new life. That commitment was all it took as He started revealing to me truth after truth that He is a God who heals and restores. Through prayer, I immediately started receiving miracle after miracle and my heart filled with gratitude!
Are you ready to live life to the fullest? Let God open the doors of hope again in your life. In this book you will learn about the keys to salvation, forgiveness, the Word of truth, authority, Holy Spirit power, worship, the Father’s Love, believing in the miraculous, and never giving up. God loves you and is fighting for you to live a life full of victorious breakthrough.

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