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Banzai Stover and the Second Underground Railroad by Denis Schulz

He had served in Iraq and Afghanistan and he was going to open an underground railroad for Muslim women to flee slavery.
He was an Abolitionist. Was he crazy? He could get arrested for trying something like that in his backyard; stoned in Riyadh; thrown from a tall building in Teheran; barred from the Barack Obama Mutual Admiration Society. Underground railroads were the stuff of John Brown and Frederick Douglass, not of Harvard and Yale and Berkeley, not of 21st Century America. Nonetheless that’s what Banzai Stover was going to do—start an Underground Railroad. He would need Audie Murphy and Alvin York and private detective Bernard Piffy and an island in the Louisiana Delta where he could hide the runaways—an island with man-eating crocodiles and wild boars to help him fight off the Imams and the Jihadis and the politically correct geeks that would come after him.

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