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Goliath’s Head by David Squyres

Three thousand years ago a boy stood face to face with a giant and changed the world.
It’s time to find out what this story is really about.
The account of David and Goliath is rich with details easily overlooked. Have you ever wondered why the Bible says that a man named Elhanan killed Goliath? What happened to Goliath’s sword? Yes, the giants sword does reappear in the Bible. Why did Jesse send cheese with young David to a battle? Why did David cut off Goliath’s head? And what did David do with the giant’s head?
In Goliath’s Head, David Squyres directs us not only to the rich meanings in this account, but to its powerful application to our daily lives. Do you work for a jerk? So did David. Do you have a difficult family? So did David. Does anyone mock and ridicule your faith? David knew those hardships, too. Yet, despite frustrations, derision and insults, David not only defeated the enemy in front of him, he changed the world.

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