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Transgression by R.S. Ingermanson

All your life, you dreamed about the City of God.
But you never thought you’d ever actually go there.
Until now.

Your name is Rivka Meyers, and you are a total misfit.
You are a Messianic Jew, studying at UC Berkeley. Misfit.
You are a woman getting your PhD in archaeology—a man’s field. Misfit.
You are in Israel working on an archaeological dig, pretending to be someone you’re not. Misfit.
Your Israeli co-worker on the dig tries to set you up with his cousin, Ari Kazan. Disaster.
Transgression is a time-travel suspense novel that mixes science, history, religion, romance, and suspense. It’s about learning to stand up for yourself, when you just want to be let alone. It’s about making hard decisions. It’s about asking whether life has meaning and whether God exists — and becoming a badass fighter for justice, even if you don’t have the answers.

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