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The Devil’s Game by Daniel Patterson

Every town has its dark side…some darker than others.
James Buchman has found a good life for himself as the pastor of a small church in rural upstate New York. But beyond the joy of new friends and young love lurks a deadly secret.
When a man shows up in James’ church claiming to be the devil himself, the young pastor’s life takes a sudden and unexpected turn. James attempts to help the lost soul, but when inexplicable events leave innocent souls teetering on the edge of destruction, he can’t help but wonder if the mysterious newcomer may somehow be responsible.
Faced with a force of pure, malevolent evil, will James’ faith and courage be enough to vanquish darkness? Find out in this fast-paced Christian fiction thriller.
IMPORTANT: The Devil’s Game is free of foul language, graphic violence, and sex, but it does contain strong themes of spiritual warfare and may not be appropriate for all readers.

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