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The Letters by C. Kevin Thompson

Rachel Hamar—a Manhattan bank teller—lives nothing close to a Manhattan lifestyle. Residing in Washington Heights, the only thing keeping her in New York is her mother—a patient in a psychiatric hospital. And it’s December, 2014. The twentieth anniversary of her high school sweetheart’s tragic death.

In the midst of spiraling depression, Rachel receives a mysterious letter in the mail. She’s cautious, even skeptical of its contents, discarding it as a mistake. A postal worker’s faux pas in a busy Christmas season. But another letter arrives the next day. And another. Before long, she’s in possession of several puzzling missives.

Thinking someone may be playing a cruel game, she contacts the police, and this propels Rachel and the two detectives into one of the most bizarre cases they’ve ever encountered. Is it a friend’s cruel joke? Is it some stalker’s perverse idea of manipulation? Or is it something more?

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