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Shattered Dream by Rebecca Carey Lyles

Cassie True dreams of the day she can resume her music career. Only one thing stands in her way, a court-ordered rehab program sponsored by a religious cult determined to steal her soul.
Singer/songwriter Cassie True enters a rehab program that promises to change her life. And it does…in ways she never expected. Caught in a religious cult’s ever-constricting web, she fights not only for her sanity but for the freedom to form real friendships. She longs to put alcoholism behind her, finish the program and return to her career. But when her friend is forcibly separated from her husband and a young boy is abused at the cult’s school, she can’t stand by and do nothing. Bucking the system could result in dismissal from the program and a return to jail. Can Cassie and her coworker, Corban Dahlstrom, work behind the scenes to help others escape the cult’s clutches?

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