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Jill Came Tumbling After by Lesley Ann McDaniel

Jill Martin has finally kicked her alcoholic husband to the curb. So where is the hope she’d expected to feel when she finally took control of her life?

Finding herself with no money, two small children and a stack of unpaid bills, Jill has little choice but to look for the one thing her husband refused to find—a job. When she gets hired at the new factory that’s about to open in Madison Falls, she’s on top of the world. Until she begins to suspect that the owner has a plan to illegally dispose of their toxic waste. Now Jill is faced with an impossible choice. If she blows the whistle, everyone who’s counting on the factory for employment will lose their job. But if she keeps her suspicions to herself, future generations will have to deal with contaminated groundwater. Will Jill be strong enough to make the right decision…or will her boss do whatever it takes to keep her quiet?

Madison Falls. Home of faith, love, peach pie…and a dollop of danger. . .

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