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Veil of Pearls by MaryLu Tyndall

Charleston in 1811 is bustling with plantation owners, slaves, and immigrants.

Immigrants such as the raven-haired Adalia Winston. But Adalia’s light skin belies that she is part black and a runaway slave from Barbados. Skilled in herbal remedies, Adalia finds employment with a local doctor and settles into a quiet life.

Born into one of Charleston’s prominent families, Morgan Rutledge is handsome, bored—and enamored of the beautiful Adalia, who spurns his advances. Morgan’s persistence, however, finally wins, and Adalia is swept into the glamorous world of Charleston high society.

But her new life comes at a high price—that of denying her heritage and her zeal for God. How far is Adalia willing to go to win the heart of the man she loves?

And when her secret is revealed, will that love be enough, or will the truth ruin Morgan and send Adalia back into slavery?

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