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From Shards to Sea Glass by Michele Wilder

Anxiety and loneliness grasp Claire Wycoff’s shattered life in the wake of her parents’ deaths.

A riddle discovered in their safe deposit box leads her to the coast of Maine. After arriving in Lone Spruce Cove, she accepts the opportunity to create a mosaic in the recently vandalized local church. After her handsome landlord introduces her to the beautiful, gemlike pieces of sea glass found on Maine’s beaches, she becomes mesmerized by the ocean-tossed treasures and uses sea glass in the mosaic. Her heart breaks anew with the revelation that she can never have the man she falls in love with. The discovery of her family’s troubled past and solving the mysterious riddle plunge her life into danger. Can faith in God give her the inner peace she craves? Can the tossed shards of her life ever be turned into something treasured like a frosted piece of sea glass?

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