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Seeking Rachel by Josie Riviera

Rachel grew up running wild and free with nomadic Gypsy children on her father’s estate.

Craving adventure, her imagination conjured up an impossibly perfect, grey-eyed man to share it with. Now grown, her outspoken ways are about to send her home from London in disgrace. Until she unexpectedly clashes with an impossibly perfect, grey-eyed man. And the back of her mind echoes with God’s promise: I will not leave you comfortless. As if she’d find comfort with a man as arrogant as Nash Browning.

Broken by too many sea battles, soul-sick from recent loss, Nash doesn’t know where to begin to search for his lost faith. It certainly isn’t among the addle-brained females of the ton. But when he stumbles upon an enticing masterwork of contrasts named Rachel, his weary heart sparks with life.

Is it possible the way back to his faith is with a woman who is honest?

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