A List of Medieval Romance Series
The Unveiling

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When a young woman disguises herself as a squire to sneak into a knight-training castle to kill the master, she never imagines that she will fall in love with the man she blames for the death of her brother.

Leigh is the master of the clean medieval romance.





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Baron of Blackwood

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England, 1333. Lady Quintin Boursier takes an army to Blackwood to demand he free her abducted brother, only to find herself also the Baron’s captive. And somehow being a captive to Griffin might not be as bad as she first feared.

Another clean medieval romance from the master of the genre, Tamara Leigh.





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The Warrior Maiden

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Women are not supposed to go to war. But what is a girl to do when it is the only option available to her? Now she she has to keep that dashingly handsome son of the Duke from discovering her true identity and sending her packing.


A fun retelling of the story of Mulan from the master fairy-tale recreator, Melanie Dickerson.




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Birthwin never wants to be under a man’s thumb again, after the death of her father. But when the king decrees that she marry Royce, Lord of Rosencraig, she has no other option. But the man might not be as bad as she first feared.

Costello does a fine job of creating this fun, clean medieval romance.

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